• Swizzle Sunday 2019

    Stay tuned for our Summer 2019 line up of dates and guest bartenders on The Hawthorne patio!

    Swizzle Sunday is a rotating lineup of all-stars in the industry who, each Sunday, join Jared Sadoian and Jackson Cannon on The Hawthorne patio for a tiki-inspired cocktail party!


    Swizzle Sunday Opening Party

    Sunday, June 2nd - 5:00 p.m. to sundown
    No ticket or reservation required; festive summer dress encouraged!



    2019 Season Lineup

    June 9th - feat. The Hawthorne, presented by Monkey 47
    June 16th - feat. Juan Coronado, presented by Bacardi
    June 23rd - feat. Mike Rose, presented by Lillet
    June 30th - feat. Nick Korn, presented by Campari
    July 7th - feat. The Daiquiri Jerk & The Bitter Swizzler, presented by Jägermeister
    July 14th - feat. Ed Hamilton, presented by Ministry of Rum
    July 21st - feat. Kayla Quigley, presented by Flor de Cana
    July 28th - feat. Briana & Andrew Volk, presented by Plantation Rum
    August 4th - feat. James Sutter of The Baldwin Bar, presented by Privateer
    August 11th - feat. The Hawthorne, presented by Tullamore DEW
    August 18th - feat. Tainah Soares, presented by St-Germain
    August 25th - Closing Party presented by Maison Ferrand

  • Classes & Seminars

    See below for upcoming 2019 Class & Seminar information!


    The dedicated staff at the Kenmore Square cocktail lounge, The Hawthorne, is calling class into session to help guests of all levels learn everything from the fundamentals of mixing the perfect cocktail to mastering large-batch drinks.


    Join us in our Stone Room, the living room of everyone's dreams, for an intimate session tasting exquisite spirits, mixing your own cocktail, or learning from experts locally and beyond! We'll address topics such as how to stock a home bar, how to shake, how to stir and how to host a great cocktail party.


    See upcoming class and seminar details below.



  • Cocktails 101!

    Ready to go beyond gin-tonic and vodka-soda? Curious why some drinks are stirred and not shaken? Why do those mixologists have to have suspenders and handlebar moustaches, anyways? Get some hands-on experience learning about fine spirits, classic cocktails and how to make them in a craft environment. You’ll taste, shake, stir, and strain your way through over 150 years of cocktail history, from the earliest definitions of a cocktail to modern drinks grounded in classic technique. You'll leave the course armed with the knowledge and skills you need to make delicious & beautiful drinks at home. Cocktails 101 will meet at The Hawthorne, a craft cocktail lounge located inside the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston's Kenmore Square. This seminar will be led by staff of The Hawthorne, Bar Manager Jared Sadoian and Head Bartender Rob Ficks. No experience is necessary, though just a splash of prerequisite reading will be sent out prior to the start of the course.


    Click here for Tickets:

    Tuesday, July 23rd


    Strictly limited to ticketed guests only.

    Must be 21 years of age or older on Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019.

  • Hands-On: Tiki-isms and Tropical Cocktails

    Hugely popular in post-war America, Tiki culture has seen a resurgence this past decade in themed restaurants, tiki-inspired cocktail bars, and in print. Learn the history and importance of these drinks viewed from the lens of a craft cocktail bar. Limited to 16 participants, we'll cover ingredient recipes and prep while we shake, swizzle, and blend up our own concoctions. No plane tickets to the Pacific islands required!


    Oh, and weather permitting, we'll be swizzling, blendering, and shaking it up all on our patio!


    Click here for Tickets!


    Strictly limited to ticketed guests only.

    Must be 21 years of age or older on Monday, August 19th, 2019.

  • Tequila is a Region, Agave is a Culture

    There is no spirit in the world as deeply connected to a place and a people than agave distillates - Tequila, Mezcal, and their countryside brethren. It is also a tradition endangered by industrial agricultural practices and mass-market distribution. Join Jared Sadoian, Bar Manager of The Hawthorne, as he takes you through his travels through the tequila and mezcal-producing regions and share in a representative tasting of the category.


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    Strictly limited to ticketed guests only.

    Must be 21 years of age or older on Tuesday, August 27th, 2019.