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Anna Schindelar

Events Manager

Armed with a degree in Human Development and Studio Art from Boston College, Anna Schindelar’s unlikely journey to becoming an Events Manager began with a cross-country road trip and subsequent year spent living in San Francisco. Once she settled in the Bay Area, Anna eschewed the 9-5 lifestyle in favor of taking on three jobs, working in an art gallery, a photo studio and a restaurant as a bartender. The skills she gained from these diverse roles, including an ability to be flexible, decisive and intuitive, proved integral to her career development.

A Massachusetts-native, Anna always intended to return to her home state and go into the psychology field.  She moved back to Boston in 2007 to take a job in clinical research, which she supplemented with a position as the curator at Voltage Coffee & Art, a hybrid gallery and coffee shop in Cambridge, MA.  During her nearly six-year tenure at Voltage, she helped over 100 artists display their work through months-long engagements that always kicked off with buzzy, well-attended launch parties that Anna painstakingly planned and executed.  At the time, many artisans felt forced to leave Boston for New York to succeed, and Anna had a strong desire to help make sure these creatives could thrive in the city of their choosing through her thoughtfully curated shows and engaging, welcoming launch events.

Over time, Anna’s innate love for the arts and hospitality eclipsed her interest in clinical psychology. In 2014, she decided to take her passion full-time, completely quitting her day job to consult on design and communication for various restaurants and bars. Focusing on areas of social media, public relations and marketing, Anna’s time at Firebrand Saints and others allowed her to further develop her skills.

In October 2015, Anna joined the team at The Hawthorne, Jackson Cannon’s revered Kenmore Square cocktail bar. Calling upon her extensive and eclectic background, Anna brings a creative and imaginative approach to developing and managing bar programming and guest events. With the goal of creating unique, multi-faceted experiences, she leverages partnerships and sponsors, and is always thinking outside-of-the-box. She has been known to engage face-painters, jewelry-makers and other vendors to breathe life into the atmosphere and cultivate events that feel fresh even to The Hawthorne’s most longstanding regulars. For guest celebrations, Anna works alongside her clients to help them realize their vision for the event, and strives tirelessly to execute plans in a thoughtful, detail oriented way. Deeply inspired by her time at Voltage, Anna thinks of her role as event curation.

 When she is not brainstorming original soiree ideas at The Hawthorne, Anna fuels her creativity by visiting friends at other restaurants throughout the city, scouring quaint bookshops to grow her collection of art books and Hotels Tonight’ing around the Northeast.